Glasgow Personal Training For Women


Based in Glasgow City Centre, we specialise in women's fitness, particularly those aged over 40 but we do have younger members too. We train clients in small groups of six at a time to ensure each person gets our full attention and each client has their own personal training and nutritional programme.

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Carolyne, the author has more than 16 years in the business and is the owner of both the Studio and Online training.


What’s so unique about our Studio is that it is nothing like a gym, our members call it their second home. It’s a lovely Studio, homely and comfortable, the members are welcoming, in fact you will probably buddy up with them in your first month and they will teach you every you need to know. Most of them have been at the Studio since it opened 9 years ago and they love new guys coming in, telling them stories of when they first started and how far they’ve come. Every one of them is an inspiration and they make the Studio what it is

Most of our clients are over the age of 40 but we do have some in their twenties and thirties and we do have the occasional male in the Studio (at yoga and pilates and 1:1 sessions)




Fit Strong Females Online provides studio clients additional Fitness, Food or Success coaching when they are at home or away on business. It is also for you if you can't make it to the Studio and want a home programme to follow. Choose from a FREE or paid membership


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Q & A

What is the difference between the Studio and a Gym? +

The Studio only has small pieces of equipment such as barbells and kettlebells. You would only come to the Studio at your chosen session time and one of our fitness coaches (personal trainer) is with you at all times

Another main difference is you will work to your own programme but have the option to do the workout of the day as part of a group. Everything is personalised and there will never be more than 6 people in the Studio at any one time

Is the Studio women only? +

No, it is mainly women but we have some men who train 1:1 and also attend Pilates and Yoga classes. All other sessions are women only

Is the Studio for over clients over 40 years old only? +

No, most of our clients are over the age of 40 but we have some in their twenties and thirties too. Being a female over the age of 40 it can be difficult to find somewhere that accommodates or appeals to you, we specialise in this age group because we know how it feels to be 40 and the challenges we face like menopause

Do I need to be a member to join in sessions? +

Yes, with the exception of the yoga and Pilates where you can drop in at £5 per class

Do I need to be a member to do the workshops? +

No, most of the people who make up our workshops are not members

Will I be tied into a contract? +

No, your monthly payment will be collected in advance on the 1st of each month by direct debit. If you no longer wish to continue, we require 30 days notice and your last payment will be pro rata

Do you have changing facilities? +

You can change behind a screen in the Studio or in the toilets, unfortunately we do not have a shower as there hasn’t been a demand for one. The evening clients just go home and the lunchtime sessions are non sweaty but we have a supply of baby wipes, paper towel and deodorant for you to freshen up with

How much is membership? +

It depends on the membership you choose, starting from £49 per month, have a look at the membership and pricing page 

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Do it! Do it! Do it! Honestly, this has been one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. I have got so much return on a very small investment and I look forward to seeing what I can achieve in the coming year.

Lauren Dunlop - Customer Success Specialist, IT

I’ve always played and enjoyed football with my mates playing 5 asides once a week but over the years I gained weight, way over 100kg and was struggling to last a game. I was out of breath, weak and unfit. Since training with Carolyne my fitness levels have vastly improved, I’m stronger, I’ve lost 15 kg in weight and running a 10k every week under the hour. I’m also running rings around my mates on the pitch, I’m no longer out of breath and have as much energy at the end of the game than at the start. I feel good about myself but I also feel more confident about trying new things.

Chris McCool - Shift Signalling Manager

Carolyne is a dedicated personal trainer who cares about her clients individually and does not operate on a single fitness regime fits everyone type of basis as others I have worked with often do. Training has never been such good fun and I can't wait for my next session!

Joyce Hardie - Managing Director, FM Workplace Services

Carolyne is the epitome of excellence when it comes to client relationship management within Fitness. She brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom & charm with her from the initial consultation through into her well-balanced sessions. Carolyne's Personal Training ‘package’ is an educational process from the fundamentals of the actual physical constraints of muscle movement and developments, psychological awareness of how the ‘body talks to you’ through each movement, setting and achieving goals & objectives that surpass conventional training, and moreover making an individual not only feel amazing, but, they actually know how they got there! I have had the pleasure of using 4 of Carolyne's products; Yoga, Circuits, PT Sessions and the Running Club, and cannot recommend Carolyne highly enough as a trusted Personal Trainer and Advisor.

Ryan Robertson - Managing Director, Tech Mavens

Carolyne's beaten me up each week for the last 8 years during which I've got progressively fitter and stronger. Carolyne has a broad knowledge of health and fitness and a flexible style, so is particularly suitable for city centre professionals. I'd recommend her service to beginners and experienced participants, whatever their fitness goal.

Adam Gordon - CEO Candidate ID

I joined the studio because i felt so unfit. My son was getting married in September and i needed to face my past hopefully looking the best i could.

I decided to come to you and i cannot thank you enough because everyone was saying how well i looked and it made me more confident because i had toned up and lost weight. It showed at the wedding.

To be honest i had no confidence and no self esteem for years but coming at lunchtimes has made me feel good about myself again.

Over the past few weeks its been hectic at work and will be first week back but i have booked sessions and i am ready to start again. I want to be the fittest i have been in 2018.

Thank you so much again and wish you a fantastic 2018. You are an inspiration.


I can't sing any more praise for Carolyne. I started sessions in Carolynes Studio in July 2010 and was impressed by her refreshing attitude to exercise. Carolyne is full of encouragement and her expert knowledge of anatomy, fitness and exercise allows her to tailor each exercise for beginners through to advanced people.

Each session is an education in the body, muscle groups I'm working and how to improve. Carolyne is encouraging at every step of the way and is a breath of fresh air to work with. Many Personal Trainers shout at you from the side of a gym machine - something I find very demotivational - and Carolyne couldn't be further from that stereotype! She strives to make each session fun, as well as challenging.

Roisin McNeill - Sales Manager, Pareto Law

I've been training with Carolyne for four years and I can honestly say I've never stuck it out with a gym for that long, ever! For the first 6 months I trained at Tangerine 13 I didn't do the same work out once, and it made it so much more interesting and engaging. The group training, in small groups is great, because the camaraderie of everyone trying to get through a work out is great fun, and we all can encourage each other. Carolyne is also great at explaining how your body works, or how your brain needs time to understand how to do particular exercises. I've learned so much, and understand that just because I can't do an exercise one night, the next time I try it I'll be able to do it.

Miriam McKenna - Corporate Policy & Partnership Manager

I had finally admitted that traditional gyms didn't work for me. I felt intimated by all the machines and the macho atmosphere; I could never get into the classes I wanted as I traveled about a lot and I hated the cheesy music. I didn't know what to expect with a studio but it has been fab for me. The flexibility really suited me and everyone is really welcoming. But what's key for me is the personal touch and her great music!. So much so I upgraded to personal sessions with her. I never thought I would be the type of person to have a personal trainer but now I couldn't be without her. Carolyne tailored sessions to what I was able to do physically, provided emotional support and even a spot of babysitting! She is ramping up the difficultly twice weekly with her seemingly never ending selection of workouts to suit my goals, my body and my ability.

Gillian Caughey - Founder, Fearless Financials

My attention span with fitness is not very good and I always give up after a few weeks of trying anything but with Carolyne we are always doing something different and I’ve been with her 18 months now!. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my strength and would definitely recommend. Give it a go!

Paula Brown - Partner, Harper Macleod