A few week ago in the Studio we did the

100 rep challenge they all fecking hated it!

(they told me to write that :-))


They have a sheet in their folders with the

challenges, I’ve listed them below and over

the years, every now and then it comes out,

they do the challenges and record their

time, trying to beat the time from before


Sounds easy enough?


until you see the challenges…


Squat Jumps

Sit Throughs

Hindu Press ups

Back Hypers

Monkey rolls


Inch Worms

1 Leg Back Squat



I’ve made a video of the exercises and

posted it on fit strong females workouts

you will need to be logged in to view it

or you can sign up here (it’s free)


My challenge when writing this was to

reach 300 words before they did 100 of

whatever one they picked (they won!)


If you want to join the challenge, do 100

and tell me your time and I’ll mark it up

on the Studio sheet


If 100 is too much for where you are right

now try starting at 50 or 30 and building

it up


It’s just a bit of fun (for me watching them)

but the thing is with exercise, there are only

so many exercises and variations so I need

to package them up differently to keep

everyone going


Challenges like this let’s my clients not only

compete with themselves, from the previous

times but with each other too


and they all like a good moan but they do

get on with it and work very hard


Even the latest addition to the studio, Claire

got stuck in and did the squat jumps, sit

throughs and Hindu press ups!


and Rachel massively beat her record on

hindu press ups managing 20 compared to

12 the last time


While Elizabeth emailed me the next day

to say she got a great nights sleep and

really enjoyed the challenge


If you fancy giving it a go, log in HERE

or sign up for a free membership




p.s. once you get logged in, you can find

the video under the free section and

workouts xx




Carolyne is the owner of Fit Strong Females with a Studio in Glasgow City Centre and an Online Membership Site, with 18 years experience. She is also a Fitness, Success and Food Blogger, Author and Writer. You can contact her at carolyne@fitstrongfemales.com or find more information at fitstrongfemales.com 

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