Protein is becoming more ‘fashionable’ again

the last time I heard it talked about so much

was when the Atkins Diet was all the rage


I remember seeing people drink tubs of cream,

have a plate full of bacon and eggs for breakfast,

and they lost weight!

they also had kidney problems, their hair fell out

and some even had heart attacks from all the fat

allegedly Mr Atkins did not slip on the ice

he had a heart attack too…


Some elements of the diet were spot on

like how protein and animal fat can be good for you

they give you a feeling of being full up

taking longer to burn than carbs

ultimately resulting in weight loss


What was wrong with the diet?

It was actually very restrictive, banning carbs

completely (carbs are needed by the body too)

as the body craved carbs the diet wasn’t sustainable

and the levels of protein and fats were excessive


So the answer is to gain more protein

(and some animal fat) in a healthier way

as most people aren’t getting enough protein

each day


here are 5 ways to get more protein:


1) Include protein at breakfast

western diets are typically carbs based

but getting a portion of protein will keep you

feeling fuller until lunchtime.

Try adding eggs, meats, cheese, nuts or seeds


2) Use a whey protein

body builders use whey to mega boost their protein

so they can build more muscle

it’s available in a powder (and different flavours)



Use the powder for a drink before or after a workout

put it in anything you are baking like pancakes or

muffins, in your cooking like soups, sauces or

in a smoothie…


3) Swap your snacks

eat nuts instead of crisps,

greek yoghurt instead of standard yoghurt,

peanut or cashew butter instead of jam


4) Mix up your meat

rotate your fish, poultry and red meat

and eat as many varieties as possible

include lamb, venison, turkey, duck,

make it a challenge to eat something different

each day of the week


Tomorrow I’ll give you some recipes for meats

you may not have tried

Remember – variety is always the key

whether it’s exercise or diet



p.s. next week I’ll give you the new eatwell plate that shows you how to balance your meals



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