We spent £40 on fruit and veg yesterday,

carrying up the road was the first hurdle

(Ryan took care of that)

then I spent a few hours making it into stuff

I’m trying out new recipes to share with you

later this week and the theme this month is

now packed lunches

So I’m test driving 10 packed lunches

> 5 for me and 5 for Ryan

It just so happens that the lifestyle lesson

for this month is also on packed lunches

and you can get a peak at that now as I’ve

made it live on the website

I must point out here that the whole £40

didn’t go on the lunches, Ryan decided to

buy a nutribullet so I could make him healthy

protein shakes and veggie drinks

Tbh it’s exactly the same as my blender from

Argos which cost £20 – wee tip for you

and bodhi gets veg in his dinners too

My 5 top tips to why you should eat veg?

1) They fill you up with minimum calories

2) You get lots of minerals and vitamins

3) Boost energy levels

4) They contain lots of water – stay hydrated

5) They help you lose weight

Do you know what a portion size of veggies


It’s the size of your fist and yes if you have

small hands and your other half has large

hands that means you have different portion


Did you know that the optimal amount of

fruit and veg a day is around 10 – 15 for an

active person?

and that the ‘5 a day’ came about because it

was more realistic for people to aim for?

even at that, most people don’t even get 1

serving a day!

I think we all know the benefits and how

much we should be eating, it’s getting the

ideas and routine in place thats the problem

and that’s why I try to get those veggies in as

much as I can in the recipes I source

It’s also one of the modules of FSF Nutrition


p.s. if you have some great recipes to share, send them over x


Carolyne is the owner of Fit Strong Females with a Studio in Glasgow City Centre and an Online Membership Site, with 18 years experience. She is also a Fitness, Success and Food Blogger, Author and Writer. You can contact her at carolyne@fitstrongfemales.com or find more information at fitstrongfemales.com 

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