Today is blue Monday according to an

equation written in 2005


Originally calculated for an advertising

campaign for Sky Travel to establish

the one day of the year we are most likely

to feel blue


It has now become a feature on our

calendar along with Christmas, Easter

and Valentines day


But is it real?


I think as far as feeling ‘blue’ is concerned

it probably is the most likely date, taking

post Christmas, start of the year, pressure

to change your life, weather and dark days

into account, they are part of the equation


For depression and suicide there are other

more significant dates taken from the history

of actual suicides and hospital admissions,

(including Wednesdays and December)


To predict the future you need to look at

the past for recurring events…


Anyone who suffers from mental health

illness or is feeling suicidal, the thought

of a ‘one day of feeling blue’ that a duvet

day could cure?


They would bite your hand off for it


So, an advertising campaign that sells you

the picture of lying in the sun on a day

you’re feeling blue has a great marketing



but feeling blue cannot be compared to

depression or feeling suicidal


However, anything that raises awareness

for mental health can only be good, right?


As you may know, I lost my way for a

while recently, it was a classic bipolar

episode that lasted just over a year and

I’m still recovering but feeling a lot better


Depression and suicidal thoughts were

only two symptoms, I found the anxiety,

fear, paranoia, delusions and panic to be



and I got sick even while taking a

mountain of medications and yes I was

given more


Virtually every day I hear from someone

who is struggling mentally, it could be a

short one off episode caused by grief or

a relationship break up


Or more serious like me, knowing there

is no cure, I was born with it and will die

with it and the in between gets managed

with meds that make you stoned and fat

but alive and trying to ‘live’


Feeling blue is an upgrade for me


I also hear from people all the time who

have managed to control their illness

with guess what?


Diet and exercise


Which is fast becoming the cure for all

illness and disease these days


but it does work


Yoga can help with fear and anxiety

both can help with weight problems

Doing a workout gives you endorphins

Good food nourishes the soul

and so on..


Booking a holiday in the sun would lift

your spirits too, giving you something

to look forward to, then giving you all

the benefits of a break and sunshine


So, yeah Blue Monday can only be a

positive but let’s not keep it to one day


Let’s try and look after ourselves as

many days in the year as we can


Get in touch and let me know how you

are and can I help you with anything?




p.s. there are 17 days left in January, if

you want a free trial at the Studio, let

me know

p.p.s if you are suffering from relationship

problems or breakdowns, I can recommend

a service in Glasgow who are excellent at

what they do The Spark


Carolyne is the owner of Fit Strong Females with a Studio in Glasgow City Centre and an Online Membership Site, with 18 years experience. She is also a Fitness, Success and Food Blogger, Author and Writer. You can contact her at or find more information at 

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