I’m going to say something about all the replies

I got to my mental health email last week in a



First, I published my second book yesterday and

it is free on Amazon today and tomorrow, I

would have told you first thing but was having

some website problems and I have now fixed

them, go to georgiemirren.com


The links to the books are under Island Assassins

and make sure you sign up to the website so you

can see all the characters, clothes she wears and

properties she lives in. It was my storyboard when

writing and I’ve added in some music too


The books have their own mental health story too,

I’ve written a little on the ‘about’ page but I’ll

probably write some more


That brings me nicely onto my mental health post

last week, I got myself out of the way I was feeling,

a few extra tablets for a few days…



I heard from so any people who has lost someone

from this illness and it was clear the one thing

they wanted to know is how that person felt or is

currently feeling and I helped somehow


There is too much for me to say in a post or a

series of posts, so I started a new book that night

and I hope to have that available soon


I don’t have a problem saying the scary stuff and

there are funny stories to be told too, albeit in a

tragic way…


Hopefully it will help people understand


However, I don’t want to come across as ‘poor me’

or seen as ‘strong’ when it’s just the way my life

has been


I often wonder why I’m still here and I am

constantly told it’s so I can help others but I’m

not really the best person to help another who

is going through the same struggles


but maybe I can help from a different place, I

can help others understand?


I wrote ten novels during my last breakdown and


the main character has serious issues, much

worse than mine and the books are easy to read,

funny and sad, outrageous and tragic 🙂


They actually come from another world that I

live in called ‘The Island’ but I explain it much

more on my website georgiemirren.com


So, I’m thinking a mental health book under my

real name might be something of interest to

anyone who wants to know how it feels from

‘the other side’


I’ve written some fitness books already under

my name and will be published later in the year


I think I’m at around 30 books written now, (15

of which are children’s books, not a lot of words)


Anyway, get yourself book1 for ÂŁ1.99, book 2 for

free, today and tomorrow and the rest will follow




p.s. I’ll email again tomorrow, it’s a good one and

I can remind you about the books!





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