Is breakfast really so important?

I’ve never been one for eating breakfast, I struggle

to eat until I’ve been up and about for a few hours

and can easily go into afternoon without eating

anything at all


As a nutritional coach, I’ve always been told that

breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It will make you slimmer, healthier and you will

eat less rubbish for the rest of the day


At times, I’ve tried to eat first thing but it made me

feel sick and I had to force the food down


Now, with the popularity of intermittent fasting

and ‘eat when you’re hungry’ mantras (I believe in

both) breakfast may not be the best meal for



Members of the monthly challenges group on FB

are trying out the 16:8 fasting this month and it

becomes clear pretty quick, if you eat early, you

will have to stop eating at lunchtime


With so many benefits hailed from IF, especially

the 16:8, breakfast doesn’t appear to be the most

important meal after all


In fact, the claims and evidence suggest the same

benefits of eating breakfast and with fasting


  • weight loss
  • body fat loss
  • less risk of diabetes II, heart disease and cancer
  • Memory gain


Confused? Me too…


What about eating when you are hungry?

I’m not hungry when I wake up, maybe you are?

If I leave it until I’m hungry, it usually kicks in at

about 12pm-2pm, so it’s safe to say I skip right on

to lunch


Only eating when you’re hungry is a bigger subject

I’ll cover at a later time…


What do you eat for breakfast?

This is more important than if you eat it at all!

Most breakfast foods are so bad, you would be

better not eating anything


Toast, cereals, pastries, fry ups, pancakes are

traditional type breakfasts in the UK and my fav

when forcing myself to eat ‘a fruit buttered scone’

from Greggs or a sausage roll or roll and bacon or

roll and sausage Mmm


So, yeah breakfast isn’t always the best meal of the

day. However if you get up early and prepare eggs

with vegetables or something really healthy, a

smoothie perhaps then that’s different


So should you eat or skip breakfast?

Yes, if you wake hungry, don’t overeat throughout

the day and have something healthy

No, if you’re not hungry and would rather wait

until later and eat something nutritious


What about weight loss?

Eating too much in general or eating too many of

calorific foods and not doing exercise hampers your

weight loss


If you start eating at 6:30am and finish eating at

midnight every day, chances are you will overeat.

Skipping breakfast and overeating for the rest of the

day won’t get you weight loss either


The total amount consumed in one day counts



If you eat breakfast and it’s healthy and you don’t

overeat and your weight is fine, continue doing so

If you skip breakfast and you’re naturally doing a 12

or 14 or 16 hour fast, you will still get the benefits

Either way you won’t lose out on benefits


If your eating is out of control and you need to lose

weight, click HERE


Do you eat breakfast? Share your story with me


Carolyne xx

p.s. Join the monthly challenges FB group, we do

a new challenge every month, sometimes exercise

and sometimes food



Carolyne is the owner of Fit Strong Females with a Studio in Glasgow City Centre and an Online Membership Site, with 18 years experience. She is also a Fitness, Success and Food Blogger, Author and Writer. You can contact her at or find more information at 

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