I was thinking about this last night when I

was feeling frustrated with how slow the

process can be when recovering from a

mental breakdown


I want to be better, I want to be back to

normal, fully functioning and off the

extra tablets I’m on, trying to think

positive and not really succeeding


So I tried to imagine I’d broken my leg

instead, it’s only been 3 weeks, a leg

takes at least 6 weeks with some rehab

afterwards, maybe looking at another

few months before it was ‘normal’


I also tried to imagine healing  my leg

by thinking positive thoughts and that

made me laugh, it would be impossible


Then I thought about the medication I

would get for a broken leg, painkillers

and anti inflammatories. I wouldn’t

think twice about taking them


they would help with the healing process

by taking away the pain and reducing the

swelling and I would continue taking

them until the pain had gone


I would be on crutches and have to limit

my movements, people would see my leg

and say ‘sit down, take it easy, I’ll help you’


I would look at my own leg and say ‘sit

down, take it easy and let it heal’


I absolutely wouldn’t try to fix it with

positive thinking, would you?


Yet that’s what people often say ‘think



and I’ve even been trying to say it to

myself – doh!


It’s only been just over 3 weeks since my

mind had a wee break, actually it was

quite a bad one


Today I got up and thought ‘yeah, I need

to sit down, take it easy, take my extra

meds until the pain has gone and I’m

going to use my crutches until I can walk



I’m back at work but with reduced hours

and I’ll write when I feel like it and apart

from bandaging my head, I have to tell

people that I’ve been broken but on the

mend 🙂


Luckily I can talk about it easily but not

everyone can


If someone confides in you, think of the

broken leg and take it from there




p.s. the link I gave last week for the Youtube

channel didn’t work, I’ll figure it out and get

the right one to you x







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