This is my fourth post on mental health

I am going to try and explain the diagnosis and meds

used for mental health problems

without it turning into a boring encyclopedia


The length of time a patient can wait for help

is frustrating but there is a reason for it

while I was waiting, I didn’t think I’d make it

but now that I’m stable and on the right meds

I look back and I’m grateful for that wait



I might have been misdiagnosed

and if I had the wrong meds I would be worse

maybe if I talk you through my diagnosis

it will make sense


Ok so I went to my GP in a desperate state

she spent 2 hours with me and made some calls

I was referred to a pyschiatrist

who would see me straight away

it was a 10 minute walk


At this point the GP and Psychiatrist

had established that it was something more

than a depression that could be treated with love

or a mild anti depressant

i.e. something the GP can’t prescribe


I later found out that if my GP had prescribed

an anti depressant I would have become so manic

it would have been dangerous

I might have thought I could fly and jumped

off a tall building


So off I went to the psychiatrist

and he agreed that I should be under his care


However, it took 1 year to be given any meds

this is the hardest part, I was off sick from work

and struggling to get through each day

I did feel like why aren’t they helping me!


Once that year was up the psychiatrist explained

that he needed to see how long symptoms lasted

how quickly I cycled between mania and depression

and how many cycles there were a year and so on


please note that each person will have a different experience


he then gave a recommendation I start on Lithium

based on his findings

the lithum was fantastic and I felt ‘normal’

immediately and the dose was gradually increased

until I hit the maximum level


Lithium is a mood stabiliser that prevents you

from getting too high or too low


but after 18 months I was feeling low again

not as bad as I had been but very low

so I got an antidepressant that works well

with lithium and I was ‘normal’ again

for a short time


Can you see here that I could now have

an antidepressant as I was stable on the lithium?

i.e. I wouldn’t become manic


Then the antipsychotic drugs were introduced

sometimes too strong

sometimes not strong enough


but for over 15 years all of these drugs

were introduced and tweaked

until I was in a stable mind but capable

of functioning i.e. working and living a good life

to where I am now




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