There is a lot more talk of obesity these

days and you only have to stop in the

street, look around and see just how

many people are overweight

So, just like, alcoholism, drug addiction,

cancer, being hit by a bus or winning the

lottery, it’s always something you think

will happen only to other people

except this one isn’t extreme, it’s more

common to be overweight now than it is

to be a healthy weight

but do you now what obese is?

If you were to join me in the street,

could you pinpoint if someone is obese?

Sure, there are people in the 20 stone

and above category that look obese but

what about someone who isn’t that big?

Do you know that you only have to be

2 and a half stone overweight to be obese?

Most people can carry that amount of

weight and disguise it with some clever


and compared to much heavier friends

or work colleagues they may feel ‘safe’

allowing denial to set it

How does someone become obese?

It’s much easier than you think, eating

is socially acceptable unlike drink or drugs,

you can do it at work, on the train and at


you only need to overeat a small amount

of food each day, like a biscuit for example

and you only need to put on a lb a week for

40 weeks to become obese

It’s scary isn’t it? Technically the whole

population could become obese in a blink

of the eye

Obesity increases your risks of getting just

about every imaginable and horrible health

disease, I’m not going to list them, if you’re

obese and have a medical condition,

chances are they are related

How can you stop obesity?

First, you may need to face reality and get

some help, then with some adjustments to

your eating and adding some exercise you

can get back to a healthier weight.

Working in reverse, looking to drop a

pound a week, no need for radical diets

or signing up for a marathon, just being

sensible and taking one step at a time

If you are at a healthy weight then make

sure you stay there and be aware of any

pounds creeping on

implement good habits like what I coach

in FFS Nutrition and some 1:1

coaching makes a huge difference

Need some help?

I’m always here for you, email me!


p.s. taking action now can stop more

weight going on FSF Nutrition


Carolyne is the owner of Fit Strong Females with a Studio in Glasgow City Centre and an Online Membership Site, with 18 years experience. She is also a Fitness, Success and Food Blogger, Author and Writer. You can contact her at or find more information at 

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