Great word!

It means dyslexia with numbers rather

than the usual letter variety


I suffer from the number one, I’m 100%

fine with the letters (I think)


and it’s not just a case of being bad at maths

or arithmetic or even numbers. It’s an

inability to look at numbers and interpret

them correctly


example – last week the vet gave me tablets

for Bodhi and a week later she was really

disappointed with his progress. That night

I realised I had only been giving him half

the dose 🙁


He was stung on his head and an abscess

appeared covering his skull. I’ve washed it,

scrubbed it, put cream on it twice a day, I’ve

grated cheese to wrap round his tablets


I’ve made him wear his giant cone at all

times unless he is next to me and I’ve

wrestled with him on and off a train twice

a day and put up with him at the Studio


and because I couldn’t read the instructions

properly for his tablets, we had another

week added on to this palava!


The British Dyslexia Association describes

“A poor sense of number and estimation

with no sense of whether any answers that

are obtained are right or nearly right”

as symptoms of dyscalculia


It took me three attempts to get my Maths

o-grade at school, I can’t add up simple

numbers like 7 + 4, I can’t even use a

calculator as I get different answers each



Spreadsheets are my godsend, strangely

I can do the formulas just fine and yes I

would use a spreadsheet for 7+4


Money as in cash, also fine, I can count

out cash perfectly but I think that’s cause

I can see it, it’s there in my hand, like

6 ten pence pieces come to 60p


and my favourite, 5 twenty pence pieces

come to £1, I have that memorised 🙂


but when Ryan asks me, how much money

we should take on holiday, I’ll just give a

random number that sounds like it might

be right


Thankfully, I know from instinct how many

burpees you could do in 5 minutes or how

long it would take to run 5k or how much

exercise fit’s into an hour


but I do get that wrong sometimes too and

I can tell right away I’ve made a boo boo

from looking at the confused, daunted and

sometimes terrified look on my clients faces!


I feel so bad for Bodhi, I’ve let him down,

not that he knows that, he’s a dog…


but I’ve learned that 2 tablets twice a day

equals 4 tablets not 2


(why didn’t it just say 2 in the morning

and 2 at night?)


None of us are perfect and we all have our

quirks and challenges but now you know

what dyscalculia is


I thought it would make a wee story for a





p.s. what do you struggle with? Let me know x



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