Ok, so I was studying this week, this is

from my advanced nutritional course

and I learned something disturbing

about poo


apologies if you have recently joined

my emails and you don’t know me that

well yet…


we need to think of our intestines like a

garden hose, all wrapped up with a huge

surface area


that surface is covered in 100 trillion

micro organisms and between your mouth

and your bum lives up to 36,000 bacteria,

yeasts and fungi


that’s not the worst bit…


obesity and disrupted bacteria and fungal

flora go hand in hand i.e. if you are obese,

you are likely to have a digestive system

where the bacteria doesn’t do it’s job and

the fungus gets out of control


are you ready for this?


To fix this problem, a person with healthy

poo donates some and it’s transplanted

into the bum of fungal bacterial person!


Yes there are poo donors who give their

poo to people with not so good poo and

it gets transplanted up the bum via a tube


I think I’ve just found my number one

reason why you should be a healthy weight


I also apologise to anyone reading this that

may have had that procedure, I’m not

making fun I’m just – seriously?


It has a 100% success rate and only needs 1

transplant but let’s try and look after

ourselves instead so it doesn’t get to that?


What was even more interesting was that

you could take an obese person and a

normal weight person, they eat the exact

same diet but the way the gut reacts and

processes the food is completely different


and that suggests that being overweight in

the first place is more important than the

food you are eating…


I don’t know about you – I can swap

saliva with someone but no matter how

much I love Ryan, poo is a no go



p.s. the old saying ‘a bit of dirt does you

no harm’ is actually true, some garden

dirt or food grown in the garden is a great

way of keeping your insides strong



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