As I wonder what to write to you today, after a long absence, I decided it’s time to talk about Mental Health. If you are friends with me on facebook, you probably saw my post, if we aren’t friends, then add me! I’m the only person on FB with my spelling of my name, then I’ll add you to some groups I run.

So… I’ve been in and out of a psychiatric hospital since December, I was hallucinating, falling down the stairs in the house, displaying anti social behaviour and was taken in. Turned out I had blood poisoning and going into organ failure but thanks to the actions of the staff, I was taken to the Royal and I recovered (physically)

I don’t know how else to say Hi! again after months of no contact, so I might as well be honest. I could have emailed from my bed as I had my laptop with me but I wasn’t in a good place to be inspirational for you.

I’m out now on a full discharge but I’m still struggling, I have my meds and plenty of support, which I am so thankful for, especially Ryan and my family who bore the brunt of it but each good day I have is one less bad day.

The experience has also added a few good chapters for my book ‘Crazy Forever’ that I’m trying to finish (it was supposed to be published on the 4th of January). A couple of my favourites were not letting anyone stand on the hospital floor because it was covered in diamonds.

Then the nurse who was shocked to learn I was a personal trainer, I had told him I was an English teacher and spoke for hours about my pupils, the school I worked in and the projects we were working on.

Tip* do not rely on any information a mental patient tells you when they are ill.

I’m looking forward to releasing my book but I’m also looking forward to building things back up at the Studio. I lost clients but more importantly, I wasn’t fit enough to bring new ones in. My clients have been amazing btw.

I missed the whole January rush and setting new goals and expectations but I can do it now instead. I’m offering anyone who is interested, to join us at the Studio for the rest of the month (email me and I’ll arrange it)

Back to mental health, along with menopause, I’m going to provide you everything I can possibly tell you. I have my own experiences, other patients, carers and loved ones and it will all be backed up by scientific evidence. Funny, sad and tragic…

My biggest message on my FB post was, depression, anxiety and stress have become accepted now in society but what about schizophrenia, sociopathy, bipolar and personality disorders. It’s not like the movies or what you read about in newspapers, they are chemical disorders of the brain and can be managed by meds, just like epilepsy or diabetes.

Normal people, living normal lives suffer from these illnesses but are too scared to tell anyone because of the reaction they’ll get. I know because I get that reaction but I don’t care, actually I’m quite proud of my disabilities and how I live with them.

If only the floor really was covered in diamonds!

I’m going to talk about Mental Health via posts and my book, raw and unedited and I’m happy to hear from anyone with stories I can include, either from your mental health or someone you care for.


Carolyne is the owner of Fit Strong Females with a Studio in Glasgow City Centre and an Online Membership Site, with 18 years experience. She is also a Fitness, Success and Food Blogger, Author and Writer. You can contact her at or find more information at 

    8 replies to "It’s time to talk about Mental Health"

    • Julie

      I love your honesty Carolyne. The world needs more of it!

      • Carolyne

        Thanks Julie, it’s difficult to be honest but it’s the only way x

    • Jackie Campbell

      Nice to hear that you are out of hospital, back home and in recovery.

      It was so nice to read this email this morning when I came into work as it’s given me inspiration for a Monday. I have missed reading your weekly emails so it’s nice to have you back.

      • Carolyne

        Jackie, thank you and so nice to hear from you, hopefully I’ll get my regular posts going again x

    • Gail

      It’s good to have you back, you never know, I might even make it back to the studio one day! x

      • Carolyne

        Thanks Gail, hopefully I’m back this time for a good while and I’d love to see you at the Studio again, anytime get in touch xx

    • Delle

      With you all the way Carolyne. It was good to see you yesterday.

      • Carolyne

        Thanks Loudelle, see you tomorrow for yoga x

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