Lunchtime Exercise


Lunchtime sessions are only 30 minutes but that doesn't mean they are not worth it, quite the opposite. We've seen clients get really good results from 2-3 sessions a week, like losing a stone or two in 4-6 months and improved muscle tone and strength in a couple of months

We currently have room for 5 new members, if you are interested, read on then sign up below.

Yoga (Tuesday) and Pilates (Thursday) are included in the lunchtime membership. To learn more about the yoga and Pilates as a drop in and the timetable, click HERE

  • First session is to take it easy, join in and feel comfortable
  • 3 Teaching sessions on Barbells, Kettlebells and Bodyweight technique
  • Personal Programme for Wednesday PT day
  • Daily group workouts on the whiteboard to follow
  • Fitness Tests and weigh and measure monthly
  • Online workouts for weekends and missed sessions
  • Changing area and freshen up toiletries provided
  • Cancel anytime with 30 days notice period


Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the core days of the lunchtime programme. They are strength based sessions designed to help you tone up and lose weight using bodyweight, kettlebells and barbells along with some other small pieces of equipment (no machines).

Sessions are tough but fun, you will be challenged not just by me but the other women in the group. We have a great group of clients who have been coming for over a year and they have achieved some outstanding results in losing weight but also body size. All in 30 minute sessions.

Our clients are all busy professionals who find lunchtime the best time for them to fit exercise in to their busy day. Some have children they need to pick up later in the day so the timing is ideal for them.

I only take up to 6 clients at a time, the small group is motivating and I can give everyone the attention they need, just like in a 1:1 session. Workouts are designed not to be too sweaty, so you can get back to your desk without a shower and toiletries are provided for you to freshen up.

Sessions are at 12:15, 12:45 and 13:15, you book in on the schedule but don't worry if you are running late, just send a text or email to say what time you will be.

Membership for the lunch time sessions is £55 per month, get started with your first month half price, by clicking the box below. 



Scroll through what our Clients say


I don’t really need to lose weight but I have got rid of my saddle bags! My body shape has changed, it is so much firmer and slimmer with no more wobble! I go to the lunchtime sessions, it’s a great bunch that attend and with only 3 30 minute sessions a week it’s amazing how quickly you see results.

Carolyn Nelis - Administrator

I was stressed and struggled to find time for myself. I felt overweight and struggled to make an effort to do anything about it.

I don’t particularly like exercise and get quite bored with it quickly. Before starting at Fit Strong Females I didn’t think I would be able to fit any kind of exercise into my lifestyle but it’s been easy....

In just two months I’ve lost a stone and 2 inches from my waist and my hips! I’ve also built strength and stamina and can climb the stairs without being out of breath

The lunchtime sessions are great it’s an opportunity to escape from my desk, clear my head and I'm also eating a lot healthier. I have much more energy, stress-free and enjoying the fact that I still get to enjoy busy evenings with the kids, I now need a new wardrobe!!

Jane Nicholson - Senior Manager, Lloyds

I joined the studio because i felt so unfit. My son was getting married in September and i needed to face my past hopefully looking the best i could.

I decided to come to you and i cannot thank you enough because everyone was saying how well i looked and it made me more confident because i had toned up and lost weight. It showed at the wedding.

To be honest i had no confidence and no self esteem for years but coming at lunchtimes has made me feel good about myself again.

Over the past few weeks its been hectic at work and will be first week back but i have booked sessions and i am ready to start again. I want to be the fittest i have been in 2018.

Thank you so much again and wish you a fantastic 2018. You are an inspiration.


Fit Strong Females has helped me to make exercise a part of my daily routine, which is something I'd always struggled to do before. It's perfect for a lunch time (half an hour gives you a good workout, but you don't get too sweaty!). The exercises we do in class are easy to practice at home too.

Since starting, I've learnt the right technique for a lot of exercises, which means they're a lot more effective! I think this is because Carolyne pays individual attention to everyone, unlike group exercise classes I've been to in the past. The main difference I've noticed is with my upper body strength. I never Imagined I'd be able to do push ups but Carolyne's method really works!

Alex Forbes - Business Development Manager

I joined Fit Strong Females early 2013, prior to that I did no exercise I wanted to be fitter and lose weight. I do 3 lunch sessions a week which are fun and diverse. What I really like is that Carolyne teaches you about the technical aspect of the exercise and the impacts on your body. The results speak for themselves, I now have a toned body shape that I never had before and can't believe the difference! I honestly feel healthier, happier and have lost nearly a stone.
I am so committed to continuing with my sessions and my goals. I would say to anyone, join up I promise it's worth it.

Marion Thomson - Works at Lloyds

My life was pretty inactive before I started with Carolyne. I kidded myself on that I was active and thought I was reasonably strong. I was feeling guilty and unhappy about the situation I was in so avoiding it made it easier to forget the guilt!

I wanted to be able to commit to something and sustain it. My aim is to increase my general fitness levels, get stronger and lose inches. I have very little self-motivation i.e. I’m really lazy so the group sessions are perfect. They provide motivation from your peers in the group but also you can’t hide at the back or in the gym doing the bare minimum- I think if you’re going to work out you might as well make the most of it!

I was sceptical about the results that I could achieve working for half an hour at lunchtime- I was so wrong because you work hard!! I also lost 2 inches from my waist in the first month.

I’ve managed to sustain the sessions and even increased to include an evening session. I have much more energy and the sessions provide with you motivation that overspills into other things in your life.

Emma Kennedy - Works at NHS

I started FSF having not done any exercise for a few years. As the sessions were new, I think it is safe to say none of us really knew what we were doing but a few months on and kettlebells, TRX, squats, stairs and lunges are all in a days work (well 3 half hour training sessions a week!) I always had an excuse not to exercise so lunchtime sessions are the perfect solution. The small group allows Carolyne to check we are doing the exercises correctly and we have developed a close knit group who encourage each other to work harder than before. We even turned up when Carolyne was on holiday to complete the work outs she had left us. We wanted to show her our commitment to the sessions. We turned up for the 6 sessions building on what we had learned so far. Today we did a Turkish getup using a 12kg kettle bell, 3 months ago I could hardly get up using a 4kg kettle bell - pretty good for 3 half hour sessions a week. It would be easy to find excuses to miss a session but I don't want to miss them! I enjoy them! I even enjoy the pain that sometimes follows, I know I’ve worked hard!

Gail McGavin - Assistant Director, EY