I should really make more of a deal of this

and get the word out there a bit more

but I train pregnant women

and have done for years now


Every pregnant woman should exercise

no excuses

yes there will be days you just can’t


but every session you get in

will make a huge difference

when it comes to pushing that baby out


this post was sparked by the belly one

from the other day


and I got a response from my new mum Gillian

who had a wee boy just last week

and this is what she had to say:


thought you may like to know that the hospital

and midwives have been very surprised

at the strength of my stomach muscles! 


In fact the one in theatre was moaning

as they were making it hard to do what she wanted to do

(not exactly sure what was happening at that stage!)


All those squats etc must have done some good work

I also think I found the pushing bit ok 

Fitness must have had an impact as I hadn’t ate

or really drunk anything for nearly 20 hours by that stage

I was grand though


Kinda amazing when you look back on it.

In addition, I got into size 14 normal jeans this morning

Back to 11 stone already (from 12 ½ max)


I’m not that surprised though

as all my pregnant women say the same thing

Roisin had her wee Ava in January

and she confessed to me that she had experienced

tougher sessions at the Studio

than giving birth


(that is no reflection on my sessions btw)


again, it’s not always about what you look like

>although looking good is always a great bonus

but the other benefits that you can’t see

– on the inside


your body’s mechanisims

the ability to cope under unbelievable stress

the rationing and use of your energy

and the mental will to get through the birth


(Oh! I thought I was reliving Tough Mudder there)


Then there is the quick bounce back

to pre maternity clothes

losing the weight of the baby, fluid etc

to be back to almost your normal weight


and that’s before you join

the mum and baby sessions…

So what do I do with pregnant women?


tbh for the first trimester

I rarely see them

as this is when they are most tired

and likely to feel/be sick

but if they do come in it is gentle


during the second and most of the third


they can join in the regular group training

and I adapt their programme to suit


then late on until they pop

we usually switch to 1:1 training

as it’s more comfortable for them


or they come to the mum and baby sessions

and we do some yoga, sitting on a ball

and clutching onto the TRX for squats etc


I saw Gillian 2 days before she had Wyn

she did a full session

and we joked about whether I’d see her Friday

(I didn’t)


I gave my last minute tips

on yoga positions and exercises she could use

to manage any pain in labour


If you are thinking that maybe she got lucky

and just had an easy time

she didnt


I don’t know the full details yet

but I know enough

and if it hadn’t been for her fitness and strength

she would be telling be a different story



p.s. wanting to get home and see my wee baby now (Bodhi)


Carolyne is the owner of Fit Strong Females with a Studio in Glasgow City Centre and an Online Membership Site, with 18 years experience. She is also a Fitness, Success and Food Blogger, Author and Writer. You can contact her at carolyne@fitstrongfemales.com or find more information at fitstrongfemales.com 

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