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For a while the Studio was closed to 1:1 personal training but with the groups all set up and with some demand from prospective clients, I've made the decision to open up another four slots. I currently have a number of personal training clients and they have taken priority of the session times. Mid morning and mid afternoon or weekends suit best, if you are interested, read over this page and apply at the bottom.

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What is Personal Training?

It may seem obvious to some that personal training is a 1:1 session with your trainer, just the two of you together and that is what it is. Your get complete undivided attention and while not everyone feel they need that, there are certain group of people who need one on on training.

For me, the most popular are men, they are not comfortable in a group environment, it gets a bit competitive and my guys I train have very specific fitness goals that wouldn't suit group training. Not only that, the studio is women only, so I can only fit them in between sessions. I train men who are retired and at the top of their game, they know without me they wouldn't rain at all.

The second group are women who haven't exercised for a long time or who have some form of disability and are nervous about starting a training programme. I do a lot of hand holding in the beginning and then one day they'll tell me they are ready for the group training. Or they feel spoiled and stay 1:1 with me.

The third group are time sensitive, the don't have time for more than once a week and I do some intensive training with them. Using the App I do try to get them to do more but busy professionals struggle to fit it in so I design workouts involving the big muscle groups and keep them varied so they cover everything.

The fourth group usually really overweight and require specialist training and would prefer to do it in the comfort of a 1:1. Providing they stick with the program and we take it step by step, they can achieve fantastic goals and their confidence soars with each exercise they couldn't do in the beginning but can now!

Every client if you asked them would want to be 1:1 with me, it costs a lot more financially than the group training but if they had the money they would invest and there is flexibility to do both. If you are a 1:1 client you can take part in everything the Studio has to offer and no extra cost. See Memberships and pricing

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After having 2 children I was fat unhealthy and unfit. In 2005 Carolyne convinced me I could change my ways. It was a long road starting with walking a mile which i struggled with at first and building up to completing a 10k run/walk within the year. I have since completed 6 10k's and run 2 or 3 times a week.

I started at her Studio in 2010 to build up my upper body strength which was nonexistent. I have noticed a huge difference since i started. Right now I’m working towards 10 full proper press ups and I’m nearly there. I love coming along to a session and running club every week, it keeps my motivation high and my fitness levels up.

I’ve lost around 2 1/2 stone from when I first started most of which I lost in the first few years and have more or less kept off since. The biggest difference has been to my energy levels and general attitude to exercise and life. I have twice took part in a fundraising event where I cycled to Loch Lomond and back, 56 miles in a day, something I would never of had the confidence or ability to do before.

Julia Gunn - Nursery Teacher

At the beginning of the year I was playing with my 4 year old son in the snow and found myself constantly out of breath chasing after him. So I decided to join a gym but needed help to set goals and direction. My friend recommended FSF and I went along for my first session and was shocked at how much I couldn't do – I didn't even know what a burpee was! I was scared I was holding people back and annoyed at myself but Carolyne was quick to encourage me and keep me motivated. Since then Carolyne has continued to push and encourage me, I am the hardest on myself when I feel like I am failing but she keeps me going. There is so much variety and structure within the sessions that I love going every week, and we are always given homework to help us improve. I have lost weight but also now feel confident playing football and games with my son without feeling tired or out of breath... most importantly I now know what a burpee is!!

Chris Lambert - Trainer, NFU

I cannot praise Carolyne highly enough. She is truly committed to achieving superlative results for her clients, her approach is both innovative and unique. All in all a breath of fresh air in the fitness industry

Anna Martin - Lawyer

I had joined gyms but after the initial motivation faded I stopped going, continuing paying for months before finally cancelling. I wanted to be healthier, but I just couldn't find anything that I could stick with, then I found Fit Strong Females.

I was terrified about starting, I was so unfit I worried people would laugh at me or the trainers would shout at me. I really shouldn't have worried. We did a fitness test our first night, but instead of shouting and laughing everyone was really encouraging. I felt really bad that I had let myself become so unfit, but Carolyne was very supportive from the start.

I couldn’t do a single press up on that first night but I managed to do 20 full press ups just four weeks later. I felt so much stronger and more confident. I was doing 3 sessions a week and looked forward to them. It was the first time I'd ever started any fitness regime and stuck to it. Every session was different so we never knew what to expect and that made it more fun. I even started doing 1:1 pt sessions too, which I love.

Exercise is part of life now and I can't imagine not going along to group training. We all encourage each other and it feels great when you achieve something you never thought possible.

I've just done a half marathon at the Kiltwalk and the 26 mile Moonwalk with a group from FSF. These are things I've always wanted to do in the past, but never had the confidence or fitness to attempt!

Brenda Colvin - Senior Accountant, NHS

I had never done personal training before and was a little unsure when I started, but Carolyne put me at ease and chatted me through what I needed and wanted. I was very sceptical about group training with others and so began with 1:1. I was also unsure about weight training as a female but with Carolyne convinced me. Kettlebells are now my favourite session and I quickly progressed on to the group sessions which I love. It's like a little family, we all encourage each other and are pleased to see each progress too.

I now love weight training! I am far stronger than I could have ever envisaged and so much fitter. I‘ve lost a total of 7 inches off my waist, I feel better than I have done in years, I’ve taken up running and signed up for the Moonwalk too. Training with Carolyne has given me my confidence back within myself and in my body, she has encouraged me to try exercise that I would never have dreamed of before!

Kirsteen Picken - Solicitor, BLM Law