Ok, so this is part two of my newbie story

and contains actual comments and feedback

I’ve received in the past week


No mirrors!

I haven’t thought about this for a long time

but yes the studio has no mirrors

the nearest you can get to a reflection is on

the patio doors or the fridge




I have a number of reasons, one I hate mirrors

and avoid looking at myself at all costs


that has nothing to do with why the studio is

mirror free, they are a distraction


I like to teach good technique and if you are

in the middle of a squat and you turn to look at

yourself then you are out of alignment and in

some cases you can hurt yourself.


I know this for a fact! I’ve hurt my back a

number of times trying to look at clients

while still in a posture or midway through

an exercise


Third, I teach you to know what it ‘feels’

like to be doing something right

this way it is easier for you to replicate at

home or anywhere that doesn’t have a

mirror and just being in touch with how

something feels is a much better skill


Fourth, who wants reminded of their

imperfections every second they are trying

to make improvements. Yes it could be

motivational but everyone knows what

they look like naked, so why remind them

they have a fat or saggy backside


I want you to be confident, build your trust

and feel your best, not thinking ‘would you

look at the state of my hair and rosy red

cheeks (I mean your face)


My inspirational stories

I like to tell stories and believe me, nothing

I say in my posts comes close to what you

might hear at the studio. As one client told

me once, I have no filter 🙁


I tell stories to break the silence when you

are all too puffed to speak, I tell them when

you are doing something tough and it takes

your mind off it. I tell stories just for the

hell of it and make you all laugh


This week I was telling my Russian gymnast

stories and how I got fitness tips from the

Bunty when I was little (I know!)


If you want to know the rest you will have to

book in with me…


Anyway, one newbie said she found the story

inspirational and I was chuffed


I’m not a size 8 bikini model

I’m not offended by this one at all, in fact I

can sigh with relief cause if my job depended

on me being a bikini model I would be very

unhappy, unable to live a normal life and

would have to install those mirrors to look at

myself all day


I have fresh air

The studio is nice and cosy but then it gets too

warm and sweaty, all I have to do is open the

patio doors and that lovely Scottish breeze

brings the temp down to minus in seconds


I’m not lucky, I only took the space cause I

could knock through the walls and put the

doors in and often it’s a feature we forget and

how cool it is (no pun intended)


Sizes are small

This is in reference to how many I train at once

6 for group training

10 -12 for lunchtimes

Never any more or I get stressed that I can’t see

what everyone is doing and I don’t get to speak

to each person at least once


There were others but I’m running out of space

I’ll throw them in randomly in other posts



p.s. no room for a ps today!



Carolyne is the owner of Fit Strong Females with a Studio in Glasgow City Centre and an Online Membership Site, with 18 years experience. She is also a Fitness, Success and Food Blogger, Author and Writer. You can contact her at carolyne@fitstrongfemales.com or find more information at fitstrongfemales.com 

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