I got a lot of responses to my last email / post,

some telling me they could touch their toes

while the others couldn’t


Then there were the ones who got up, touched

or tried to touch and magically their knee, hip

or back pain disappeared immediately


I had a number of replies from you letting me

know you followed the video at the weekend

and that it made a significant difference to you


All feedback that I was delighted to receive, it

means I helped you..


If you’re free this Sunday, come to the hips

and hamstrings workshop, it’s a favourite for

sure and click HERE for more info and sign up


So today’s subject is about feeling scared,

ashamed, nervous, unattractive, disgusting,

overweight, depressed or stressed


These are all words I’ve heard in the past

couple of weeks when doing consultations


Sad isn’t it? Especially when most of the

words were in relation to walking in the door

to meet me for the first time


Thing is, I can relate to every one of those

words because I feel them too and I have to

say I take my hat off to anyone who manages

to find the building I’m in, walk up the stairs

and press the buzzer to enter a place they

have no idea of what is on the other side


I use the consultation for more than one

purpose; I have to gather health information,

take down personal details, I like to find out

more about you, find a common ground and

I like to sound you out, taking notes on what

I think you will enjoy and why you have come

to see me


The studio isn’t intimidating, I’m not either


I want you to be comfortable, immediately, I

do my best to take away your fear and help

you see how worthy you are, the rest of the

words will disappear once you get started


I know this because I’ve seen it so many times

before and I can’t wait for you to begin your

trial and watch your confidence grow, the

disbelief in your face when you lift heavier or

stand on the scales and weigh lighter


I don’t own a gym, I own a studio and it’s so

much more than exercise, it’s a community,

it’s a place where you can be you, only you,

not a wife, mother or colleague, just you


It’s personal, we laugh the whole time, the

workouts are tough but achievable so you

do work hard but overall it’s a very relaxed

environment, no shouting or scorning


My message today is to conquer that

initial fear and ring my buzzer (email me first

obviously for an appointment) and come and

join all the other women who have discovered

the perfect place for them to make a difference

to their bodies and lives


There is a lunchtime programme and an

evening one, stating at £49 per month and it’s

worth every penny, believe me


For the men on the list, Friday and Sunday are

the two days I train the men. I’m working on a

specific Dad and baby for Sunday (you bring

the kids with you) and 1:1 and a group session

on the Friday


If you are interested in any of it, email me back

and I’ll set up a 2 week trial


Carolyne xx


p.s. don’t forget the yoga workshop as I’ve sold

a few spaces already!



Carolyne is the owner of Fit Strong Females with a Studio in Glasgow City Centre and an Online Membership Site, with 18 years experience. She is also a Fitness, Success and Food Blogger, Author and Writer. You can contact her at carolyne@fitstrongfemales.com or find more information at fitstrongfemales.com 

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