I had Bodhi at the vet last week and he

hadn’t been weighed for a while…


I estimated him at 55 or 57 kg but he’s lost

weight recently in the warmer weather as

he’s been off his food so I was guessing

around the 50-55kg mark


When the vet told me he was 60kg I was

like jeez! That means he was nearer the

65kg before the weight loss


She said it in the kind of voice that I was

about to told off that he was overweight


but we went back in to the consult room

and she ran her hands over him, checking

he out and said ‘he has a lovely slim waist

and there isn’t any fat on him’


‘he’s just a big boy!’


Yeah so on the Rottweiler weight scale

Bodhi is either obese or overweight


sound familiar?


In fact, he’s just like his daddy (the human

one and erm the furry one too), big and

heavy but fit and in perfect shape


What I like best about this story so far is

how the vet handled the situation, she was

maybe a bit cross that he weighed 60kg


but she waited until she did a physical

examination on him before making a

judgement and giving advice


Bodhi shouldn’t be judged by his weight

or size and neither should people, until

the full picture has been established



Are they taller than the average size?

Are they more muscular than average?

What are they eating?

Are they doing exercise?

Do they have a medical condition?

Have they had babies?

Are they going through menopause?

What size bones do they have?


Bodhi is much heavier than what a Rottie

should be but he is also much taller than

average, very muscular, has a perfect

balanced diet and well exercised


therefore he is perfect


If you are much heavier than what you

‘should’ be but you are taller than average,

muscular, eat well and exercise?


then you are perfect too


I could go on with multiple variations here

but I think you get what I’m saying 🙂




p.s. 60kg = 10 stone in case you wondered



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