Kettlebell Basics

Friday 13th September 2019

  • Refresh on Clean and Press
  • Teaching the Windmill
  • Teaching the Turkish Get Up

Kettlebell Basics 2

Friday 13th September 2019

  • Swing
  • Swing Variations
  • Snatch

Saturday 13th October 9:30am - 1:30pm

Yoga Deep Stretch £40

Do you really want to improve your flexibility? Going to regular yoga classes will improve your movement but if you want to accelerate your progression, this deep stretch workshop will do just that!

Right at the start of the workshop we will test and measure your flexibility in three different ways, testing again at the end of the workshop to see what you have gained. However the longer results are important too and you will easily be able to test yourself again and again over the following weeks and months to see if it's made a difference

After a dynamic flow style class to get you really warm, we'll go through various stretching techniques including developmental stretching (that gymnasts do) and partner stretching

All stretching is under close supervision to ensure you safely stretch as far as you can without it being too much. Overall the workshop will be fun, taking the time out to lengthen those hamstrings properly is something you wouldn't normally do

To sign up, click the option below and you will be taken to a secure site for payment. There will only be 10 places available, so book early to avoid disappointment

Please note Workshops must be paid in advance with a 48 hour cancellation policy, after this time there will be no refund

The morning will be split up with comfort breaks and drinks and snacks are provided. The workshop will end with a meditation and relaxation

For further queries, contact


The content was excellent. A flow class, deep stretching then developmental partner stretching. As well as an informative introduction, a break and relaxation. At the start on my forward bend cold, my head was 13” from the mat. By the end my head was on the mat. Quite a result. I feel great after it. Relaxed and I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight x 9/10

Julie Terrey - Lawyer

The yoga workshop was really good, just the right level of intensity and balance of resting between. I can still get my head on the floor in a wide leg forward bend! The stretching definitely worked and it's certainly helped me with my yoga practice. 9/10

Miriam McKenna

Yoga Deep Stretch. The course on a whole was excellent and we covered everything we intended to so we were good for time. Carolyne is a great fitness and nutrition coach, she started the course with a small theory /info about what to expect from our bodies during the course of the day.

I didn't know what to expect as this was my first workshop and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Carolyne started with some theory to explain what was going to happen to our muscles over the course of the day and then we compared our before and after flexibility at the start and end of the course respectively. Though quite intensive in parts, I had so much fun. I am already looking forward to the next course! Thank you Carolyne for such a lovely day. X 9/10

Tola Saka

Deep stretch yoga workshop. Well delivered instruction and guidance from Carolyne. Enjoyed this workshop. Definitely felt the benefits of the deep stretches and saw a marked difference in my flexibility by the end of the session. 10/10

Loudelle Johnstone - Civil Servant

The yoga workshop is a great opportunity to build on what you know and to deal with any niggles by focusing on the details in a relaxed environment. The length of time devoted to the workshop meant that there was enough time for each person to get individual attention and for the learning to be personalised. Working with partners enhances what you learn as well as being a nice ice-breaker! 10/10

Claire McCluskey - Production Manager